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My Journey To Finish My Ph.D Edit Text


Professional Work Experience:

1980-1998 Director of Social Services.

The Community of St. Sabina,

Chicago, Illinois

My Duties:
Communicating with media about Social Service
One To One Counseling 
Train Volunteers
Set Up Workshops

Extra Work Experience:

Worked as an Extra on Two Movies


1978-ASSOCIATE  ARTS(SocialWork)

1980-BACHELOR OF ARTS(Social Work)

Archdiocese of Chicago-Special ReligiIous

Division (S.P.R.E.D.)

1979- 1980 Special ReligiIous Education Training

(This PprogramIs For Disable Student's)

1982-Chicago State University,

Graduate AT -Large, Reading Instruction in The Elementary School,
Field Experience: 

Tutor Site at  Chicago State University RIF-RDG. Department

1983 MASTER OF ARTS (sociology with a Concentration in Gerontology)

1988-1988John Marshall Law School,

Certificate, Community Developer & Social Work 


V. A.. Lakeside Medical Center...Chicago, Illinois,

1989-1989Certificate, Patients with Drug & Alcohol Problems, 

Certificates in Legal Aspect/Risk Management

8 C.E.U 3/30/1989


Volunteer Work

1979- 1980 Special ReligiIous EducationTraining (This program  Is For Disable Student's

1979-1980 St Francis dePaula Church.I Coordinated Social Services and Reorganized all Food Records.

I Had A Leadership Role In The Senior Citizen Club and facilitated their activities .I Wrote A Short Monthly News Letter

1981 Food Justice Program of Chicago...

Hotline Worker

1985- 1987Hines V.A. Hospital, Hines Illinois   Residential  Care Faciliy

 My Duties:

Memory Awareness Sessiona

Set up Bulletin Boards

Made A Video About Some Vetrans

1989- 1990 Mental Health Association

of Greater Chicago  


 Honors & Awards 

1978-People Serving People Award
1978-Special Recognition Award

 French and Spanish Clubs

1978 Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Fraternity

1985 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Award

1985 Auburn Senior Citizen Club Award( outstanding Community Service)

1986 to 1988-NationalJr. Beta Club award for Devoted Service to the National Beta Club

1987-1988 Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago Recognition award

1990-The American  Biographical Institute's Hall Of Fame for
Outstanding Service to the Mentally Handicapped

1993-The International Biographical Centre, Cambridge England

1997 International Who's Who of Professional

Organizational  Boards:

Executive Board Member, Greater Chicago Food Depository; Chairperson, Board of Director Agency Relation Committee; Co-Chairperson,

 1988 Appreciation Reception,

 National Association for Female Executives, Community Activities, Illinois Hunger Coalition;  W.B.B.M Skyline Volunteer, Funraiser for W.B.B.M'S  Wreath of Hope Campaign



 I never had enough time over the years to finish my education.

My Husband Victor  Passed

I Broke both arms ( not at the same time)

Other members of my family  was sick.


1992-I Entered Grad School...I had to Stop Several Times.

1995-1997 Back to Grad School...I Told No One But My Sister(My sister received her BA.)

1998 I Moved to Houston, Texas

1999 Back To Grad School

June 2001 The Great Allison Storm

I Lost just about everything

( my sister lost so much.)

September 11, 2001: 911 


2003-Back To Grad School

April 18, 2005 I had Bilaterial

Joint Replacements

  MAY 6,  2006 MY Goal Was Met
I Have A Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology   

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          After great pain, a formal feeling comes.

          --Emily Dickinson

          A man may write at any time, if he will set himself doggedly to it.

          -- Samuel Johnson

          Keep right on to the end of the road.

          --Harry Lauder

          The average Ph.D. thesis is nothing but the transference of bones from one graveyard to another.

          -- Frank J. Dobie

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